June is Pride Month, and Mullica Hill in Harrison Township has been supporting it. But someone must not appreciate that and vandalized the city's Pride flags.

Multiple banners were destroyed in Mullica Hill Pond over the weekend, KYW News Radio reports. Most have giant holes through them now.

Police are looks for the vandal or vandals responsible. The American flags that are on Mullica Hill Pond lampposts alongside the Pride flags were undisturbed.

In a statement, Harrison Township Mayor Lou Manzo called the crime 'appalling'. He and the community have expressed outraged in the wake of the incident.

Mayor Manzo emphasized that he and the citizens he serves won't stand for this kind of behavior, saying, “This incident also serves as a reminder that hateful minds still exist and simply ignoring it actually enables this behavior. Your town leadership condemns this mindset and we will not ignore it. We ask that you do the same in your circle of influence.”

It's clear Mayor Manzo recognizes he represents ALL of the people in his community, not just some, and he should be applauded for that. This act of vandalism may seem harmless to those who committed it (and for some who've seen it since), but it's hurtful to those celebrating Pride Month and it's a very uncool message to send.

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An investigation continues. If you have any information on the vandalizing of Pride flags at Mullica Hill Pond in Harrison Township, you're urged to call 856-478-6839 or submit a tip anonymously.

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