'Bad Luck' University awaits you.  Enroll today!


You've heard the name Glenn Straub, and if you haven't, you soon will.  He is the soon to be buyer of the vacant Revel Casino, who wants to own the property because 'he's bored'.


While we wait for the official auction to take place on Sept 24th, questions are being asked as to what exactly Straub plans to do with the site.  If he successfully wins the auction at 90 million dollars, he's already said that he wants to re-open parts of Revel in a matter of weeks.


Oh, and he also wants a university on site.

Straub said he’d build a second tower at Revel that would stand 30-35 stories. In it: a colony of “some of the smartest people in the world,” living and working on pressing global problems, like nuclear waste disposal.

“The university’s going to go in,” Straub said by phone Thursday. “It’s going to be for geniuses.” (Press of Atlantic City)


He also added that he hopes to have a 'high-speed ferry and rail systems and an “underground passageway” for tourists to comfortably traverse Atlantic City during winter.'


Is the 'tower of geniuses' a good idea? Or is this a tower of sarcasm?

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