It's certainly a long shot, but anything could happen.


A judge ok'd a September 24th auction for the bankrupt Revel Casino (or whatever their going to call it).  Glenn Straub, a real estate developer from Florida, has not only expressed interest in buying the property but has a $90 million dollar cash offer ready.


If all goes well, Straub hopes to re-open parts of the building. His attorney stated 'We don’t want a vacant building when winter comes.' (Press of Atlantic CityStraub also added that 'there will be a casino at the property but that it won't be the dominant draw. His prospective deal to buy Revel does not require him to run a casino there. A Revel attorney said Monday that the former casino-hotel will surrender its casino license.'


When asked about his motive behind buying the property, Straub said 'I need something to do. I need a hobby.'  Must be nice to have 90 million dollars lying around for 'something to do'.  After all, Revel only cost 2.4 billion dollars to build.

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