A 23-year-old Sicklerville man has been charged with the hit-and-run death that occurred Wednesday night in Winslow.

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47-year-old James Lawrence, of Williamstown, died about two hours after he was struck by a vehicle while he was walking along Williamstown Rd.

Behind the wheel of that vehicle was John Beauzile, who fled the scene, according to Winslow Twp. police.

Courier Post reports that a brief investigation pointed authorities in Beauzile's direction. Beauzile's driver's license was reportedly suspended at the time of the hit-and-run Wednesday night.

He was arrested Friday and charged with second-degree leaving the scene of a motor-vehicle accident resulting in death, and a third-degree offense of causing death while driving a motor vehicle with a suspended license. He was released on bail.

Beauzile also had warrants for his arrest pending in Lindenwold and Greenwich Twp., according to Courier Post.

Our thoughts are with James Lawrence's family and friends at this difficult time.


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