Four suspects have reportedly been charged in a double homicide that took place in Glassboro on August 19.

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The murders, which started out as a robbery, took place at a home on Warrick Ave. in Glassboro, Gloucester County. Police arrived to reportedly find 36-year old Shantal Farrow and 26-year-old Manuel DelaRosa Jr. dead. Both had been shot.

One of the suspects charged in the crime, 19-year-old Devon J. Conover, of Trenton, told investigators the intent was to rob the victims of drugs and money, according to He also admitted that he'd discarded of some bloody clothing he had been wearing upon committing the killings.

Cell phone data reportedly revealed three more suspects were involved. 19-year-old Abdelgadi H. Hassan, also of Trenton, his older brother Altaifjoe H. Hassan, 23, of Glassboro (and a student at nearby Rowan University), and Daniel P. Hall, of Teaneck, also 23-year-old.

The four offenders now face charges ranging from murder, felony murder, to conspiracy to commit murder, robbery, and weapons offenses. All four remain behind bars awaiting their first appearance in court.


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