A man dressed in a Pikachu costume dared to climb the White House fence just for some YouTube clicks. How far did he get, you ask? Not far...not far at all.

Shout out to Curtis Combs of Kentucky for actually believing he'd be able to scale the wall of the White House and get away with it!

[For those unfamiliar with Pikachu, he's this cute little guy from Pokemon:]

Hoping to get a few thousand YouTube views, he dismissed Secret Service's verbal commands to NOT climb the fence. So of course, he was immediately arrested the minute he even attempted to do so.

In court documents, Curtis says he didn't think they would be paying attention. The Secret Service, not paying attention to the White House where the President lives? LOL ok.

Since nothing was caught on tape, he may as well say goodbye to his YouTube views.

Curtis plead not guilty to a charge of unlawful entry, and his court date is set for November 9.

But hey, at least he got his 15 minutes of fame as the man who tried to jump the fence in a Pikachu costume. Way to go bud.

On top of everything, Curtis reportedly told law enforcement he plans to come back to the White House to take his son for a tour.

No words.

Read the full story on CNN or DCIST

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