Imagine riding an Uber home, then you find out it cost you $28,000. Well, that's what happened to this woman in Philadelphia.

I take Uber's all the time, whether I'm in Atlantic City, Philadelphia or New York. They're life savers! I don't have to hail a cab, and they come directly to you.

Also, I have the best conversations with my Uber drivers.

No matter how much I love Uber, if I ever got a notification that my Uber ride just cost me $28,000, basically someone's college tuition, I would have a full-blown heart attack.

And, that's what happened to this Philadelphia woman (who remains anonymous) after her Uber ride. She claims, her bank flagged the charge ...and rightfully so considering it was $28,639.14!! Total red flag.

She contacted Uber who claimed someone hacked into her account. Six days later, the story was changed, and claimed instead they made an error.

Reportedly, Uber has been experiencing some glitches in their system which has happened to a "handful" of users so far.

Erm, a $28,000 glitch? Definitely not a glitch anyone wants to have.

Get it together Uber! Please, okay love you.

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