The New Jersey-based company Party City says a global helium shortage is hurting its profits, forcing them to close 45 stores.

Of Party City's more than 870 locations, including Deptford and Mays Landing here in South Jersey, we don't yet know WHICH 45 stores will be forced to close its doors, according to

In a statement, CEO James Harrison said shortage in helium has "negatively impacted" Party City's latex and metallic balloon sales, two of the company's biggest revenue generators.

But Harrison remains optimistic thanks to an alternative, stating "We believe [a] new source [of helium] should substantially eliminate the shortfall we are experiencing."

Who knew the world could experience a helium shortage? I mean, it's on the periodic chart right? I guess it's not as free as oxygen, but I'm not a scientist, I only play one on TV. Lol.


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