Another pharmacy is closing in South Jersey as a Rite Aid store in Gloucester Township, Camden County abruptly announces it will be closing.

'Store Closing' signs are already erected inside and outside the Rite Aid location on Blackwood-Clementon Road at Cherrywood Drive.

Store Closing

According to customers, they were alerted to the impending store closing after they showed up to pick up prescriptions and found its doors closed for an immediate inventory.

That was during the last couple days of January, and by February 1st, merchandise final sales had begun.

By Saturday, February 3rd, an 'everything must go' message has taken over.

The closing seems to have come out of nowhere for residents who frequent this Clementon Rite Aid location.

Back in November 2023, Rite Aid announced bankruptcy and its intention to close nearly another three dozen stores across 12 states, reports, including the location on W. Main Street in Moorestown.

While rival pharmacy chains Walgreens and CVS appear to also be struggling, Rite Aid is in the worst shape. Over the last six years, Rite Aid has had reported around $3 billion in losses and a near total bottoming out of its stock value.


It's clear that within a few weeks time, some Gloucester Township pharmacy customers will have to find a new go-to store. As of publishing this story, the Rite Aid off Little Gloucester Road (across from Glen Landing Middle School) is staying open, as is the Erial Road location.

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So, if you're into deals, you can find EVERYTHING at the Rite Aid on Blackwood-Clementon Road at Cherrywood Drive on sale. The entire store is currently up to 30 percent off.


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