My prayers have been answered!!  The McRib has made another triumphant return!  I love how Mickie-dees always like to say "The McRib is here, but hurry, it's going away for good tomorrow!"  Yes, everybody knows they're just saying that, but I don't.

The moment I hear that I rush to my local golden arch and purchase about....five.

So the McRib is back again and I see the news written on the sign,  just below the arch of awesome.   Funny thing is, I read this sign on my way to the dentist.  Thinking this was only going to be just a routine appointment, and afterwards I will celebrate my beautiful pearly whites with pearly bbq all over my face, the dentist gives me the news.

"You need an emergency root canal, we some how missed it on the chart".

Now, I sit here typing this sad, sob story to you to:  A.)  Make me feel better   B.) You feel sorry for me  C.) Free McRibs


Where's my blender at?  Are you gonna eat 'em?   Comment away!


Ronald with angry child


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