Pretty much anybody that lives in South Jersey knows where to find a good pie--and have been since the 1950's.  As of Jan 1, jaws will drop when they see that Ocean City's 'Mack n Mancos' will known as 'Mancos & Mancos' or Mancos pizza.  The reasons for the impending change, after all these years, are shrouded in mystery, like the secret recipes for the pies.  According to

It's just two separate entities that decided among themselves that one would take back their name and we would all go our separate ways. There's nothing else to say about it," said Chuck Bangle, who says he co-owns the institution with his wife, Mary, and her parents, Frank and Kay Manco.

He declined to say whether the split was amicable, but took his lawyer's help in writing a brief news release announcing the change.

Sources say that if you're thinking the ingredients will change with the name---think again.  There's nothing to worry about.