A New Jersey woman suing Dunkin' Donuts over hot coffee has settled for more than half a million dollars.

Maria Marsala, of N. Plainfield, spilled hot coffee on her face and neck back in January 2012 when she tripped over a spike exposed from a dislodged curb stop. She also suffered cuts to her right hand and right knee.

Marsala agreed to settle a lawsuit with Dunkin' Donuts before the case was scheduled to go to trial later this month, according to Press of Atlantic City. She'll receive $522,000 from the popular coffee chain for her trouble.

Hope Dunkin' doesn't have to change their slogan to 'America Trips & Falls on Dunkin'. But, really, is it the company's fault that she wasn't paying attention to where she was walking? Yes, maybe she had a case over that wonky curb, that sounds like neglegance, but the coffee spilling was residual. What do you think?

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