These New Jersey parents filed a lawsuit after their children were forced to walk half a mile to get to their bus stop...but the bus had no other option.

This seems like another case of overbearing parents making a big deal out of not-so-serious situation. According to, the parents claim in their lawsuit the bus should pick their children up at the end of their driveway up in Franklin Township.

But because the bus exceeds the bridge's weight limit, and it's unable to make a K-turn using a private driveway, the driver refused to drive the half-mile down the road.

I would also like to add, their children are 9 and 12 years-old.

I could wholly understand if their children were perhaps 5 years old but at 9 and 12 they are more than capable of walking to a bus stop. Additionally, it's not as if the bus driver is doing this maliciously...he/she is unable to get there.

As a result, an administrative judge ruled that the bus going to the house would be too risky.

What do you think of this situation?



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