Evesham township officials have announced they are willing to pay $500,000 to keep full time officers in every school.

NJ.com reports the township's school board was supposed to vote Thursday night on whether to fund the school's resource officer program, as well as possibly closing one of its elementary schools.

The program was instituted after a teen attempted suicide near an elementary school in November 2015. According to NJ.com, the district's administration proposed the cost to be nearly $700,000 and still needs to be approved by voters.

They are also hoping the funding will help avoid closing Evans Elementary School. The school is in danger of being closed because it would save the school district $1 million, but residents continue to fight to keep it open.

NJ.com also mentions that this offer is only for the upcoming school year. There's hope tat the board and township will have a better funding formula in the future to avoid school closing's and keep officers in schools.



We should see the outcome after the meeting this Thursday night.

Source: NJ.com