A New Jersey mom is suing the hospital she gave birth in, claiming the nurses gave her the wrong newborn to breastfeed.


Melissa Richman of Ridgewood, NJ alleges The Valley Hospital didn't bother to check the identification tags on the baby brought to her to breastfeed.

Reportedly, after nursing the baby for 20 MINUTES, the staff informed her that the baby she was breastfeeding...wasn't hers.

Richman claims that due to the mixup, her baby was deprived of "colostrum" which is a nutrient found in the milk produced by the mom immediately after birth. Because she breastfed the other baby, she had nothing left!

To make matters worse, NBC News says Melissa's medical file has no mention of the breastfeeding mixup. Melissa and her husband think the other parents may not even know about the incident.

So far, the hospital has not commented on the situation.

Now, the situation is pretty bizarre - but Mike brought up a good question: how did she not notice that wasn't her baby? Does this happen often more than we think?

Cannot help but imagine how awkward this story is going to be when the child is older. Hopefully everything is settled soon.

Source: NJ.com | NBC News

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