NJ Animal Rescues are Looking for Fosters During Covid-19 Crisis
Maybe you have been thinking of getting a pet, but you have had doubts for various reasons.
Maybe you feel a pet isn't the right fit for your family, or maybe you won't be home enough to properly take care of a cat or dog.
But now with the spread of the Coronavirus, most people are stuck at home so th…
Animal Planet Is Airing Puppies and Kittens Marathon
This is EXACTLY what we need right now...Puppies and kittens!!
If puppies and kittens don't put a smile on your face, then I have to say that you are not a human being.
Animal Planet is trying to help us get through the Coronavirus crisis by airing puppies and kittens on their channel for NINETY-…
Pets in the Workplace?
This work week started off hectic, as most do. But soon our frowns were turned upside down thanks to a visit from Atlantic County Animal Shelter. We got to cuddle a couple of six week old puppies resulting in instant happiness. And it's no coincidence. Research shows there are benefits to havin…

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