School has always been a place I held dear to my heart. Call me a dork, or whatever have you, but it was a rough experience for me when I learned my own elementary school had shut its doors. It's a strange experience, because you know you'll never return. Yet, I always hoped I would have more opportunities to talk to current students or even go there with my classmates when we're old and joke about old times.

That's why when I read, Stockton Borough Elementary School was closing its doors my heart went out to them. Philly Daily News reports, that due to declining enrollment the Hunterdon County school was unable to keep its doors open.

The school had a reputation for not only being the oldest but also the smallest school in New Jersey. The school opened in 1832, and the building (built in 1872) housed no more than 50 students.

While I never knew the school personally, my heart goes out to them. Furthermore, Stockton Borough Elementary School will now be part of New Jersey history (not officially).

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