Once again I want to bring to you a piece of our history. American history which is from right here in the Garden State. A way for us to get a better look into the deep roots of the American story that we have been part of right here in New Jersey.


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This time around we are tackling religion. We know religion has a long history, but what is the connection to New Jersey? This story is all about a church, a church that is located in Cumberland County. It's the  Deerfield Presbyterian Church in Upper Deerfield.




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The Deerfield Presbyterian Church was built in 1771 (251 years old) and is one of the oldest in the nation still in use today. According to an NJ.COM article, "Warren Adams of the Lummis Library and Cumberland County Historical Society, it is the oldest church still in use in the county. The building is constructed of a material known as "Jersey Sandstone" — a conglomerate of sand and pebbles that are bound together with iron ore."

Very amazing that not only is this church in Cumberland County standing but that it's still holding mass. I'd love to go to mass there and just sit among the history that has passed through its doors.

If you have ever been to church let us know what you thought, did they have historical pieces in the church? Post your comments below, we always love getting your feedback.

Here in Ocean County, our oldest church is the Cedar Grove United Methodist Church in Toms River built in 1853.

The oldest church still operating in America is the Bruton Parish Episcopal Church in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. This church, still in use, opened in 1674.


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