So let's snap a picture in your mind, a picture of the Garden State circa 1956. I came across this fantastic vintage promotional movie for New Jersey and I wanted to share this trip down memory lane with you.

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The price of gas in 1956 was 22 cents a gallon. A new Ford in 1956 cost between $1,748 and $3,151, milk 97 cents a gallon, a loaf of bread was 18 cents, a pound of coffee 69 cents, a new home between $11,700 to $22,000, a college education was about $1,000 (including dorm and food), beer was about $1.20 a six-pack, a stamp was 3 cents. So looking at these various prices you get an idea it was simpler times and of course less expensive.

That said, it was a different time then and a different time here in New Jersey. I didn't even arrive yet in the Graden State lol but my parents were and this goes back to their generation. I found this fantastic vintage promotional film that was from 1956 and showed all that's great about the garden state. It was the pop culture from the times and history going back to the beginning of the state. We have a lot of history here in New Jersey and I hope you took the time to watch this "time capsule" from right here in New Jersey.



How do YOU like living here in New Jersey? I have lived here my whole life and expect I probably always will I love it here in the Garden State. Let us know how you feel? we always enjoy your comments, good and/or bad :)


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