Historic, and some say haunted, Greystone Psychiatric Hospital opened in 1876 and was a controversial and terrifying place. Greystone Psychiatric Hospital was abandoned in 2008.

At the height of Greystone's operation, around 7000 patients were living and cared for in the expansive facility, and it was the largest single building in the United States.

This fantastic video was posted in YouTube by Antiquity Echoes

Sadly and famously, Greystone was demolished in 2015 after much controversy. Many people in New Jersey demanded that Greystone either be renovated or turned into an historic place. This would come at no cost to the taxpayer and be funded in private.

The State of New Jersey demolished Greystone at a reported cost of nearly $50 million of taxpayer money in 2015.

Before it was demolished, Greystone was eerily featured in the final episode of season 5 of the Fox television drama House (one of my favorite shows), as Dr. Gregory House was being committed to the fictional Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital...

This video of the television show on Fox, was posted on YouTube by shai etsion


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