It's true, this very popular Jersey Shore town is hopping in the summertime with families all up and down the east coast and beyond.

I had no idea this family-friendly and very popular Jersey Shore spot is incredibly haunted. What?

There are three places that are so haunted in this adorable Jersey town, and South Jersey Paranormal has been here to Ocean City to check things out.

Jonathan Novack, Getty Images
Jonathan Novack, Getty Images

What Jersey Shore town is haunted and just might scare the dickens out of you?

OCEAN CITY, can you believe it? I love Ocean City so much but had no clue about all these hauntings.

The three spots that are haunted in Ocean City are The Flanders Hotel, the Ocean City Mansion, and the Ocean City, City Hall, according to

The Flanders Hotel was built in the early 1920s. There is a story about a young girl that can be seen walking the halls barefoot. There was even a video made about this. The employees at the hotel have felt the presence of the girl, for more information on The Flanders Hotel click here.

Ocean City Mansion was built in the late 1800s and most recently transformed into a bed and breakfast. Chandeliers have been known to move, click here for more about the Ocean City Mansion.  South Jersey Paranormal found activity in this house.

Ocean City, City Hall is known to be haunted. Employees have said when it's quiet they hear things. Click here for more on the City Hall.

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