It's about that time....

Time for your little friends from the North Pole to return and send back your kids' behavioral reports back to Santa. Of course, we're talking about the now-legendary Christmas tradition 'Elf On the Shelf'.

You have the book, you own the doll, your probably even have watched countless Youtube videos that show the shenanigans the elves have engaged in while your house was sleeping. They're a bit misbehaved themselves, right mom and dad?

If Buddy the Elf taught us anything, it's that elves "stick to the four main food groups":

Well, now they're adding cereal to the mix. You'll soon be able to feed your little elves their own brand of cereal. Since their faces are on the box, they'll probably be satisfied if you just leave some out for them every night.

This is a real thing. even reports that Walmart now has the cereal listed online, though it's not in stock yet. Add yet another tradition to Christmas time because Elf on the Shelf cereal is soon on its way.

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