Sometimes people just want to make life complicated. Kinda like this woman in the blue car at The Mall At Short Hills (North Jersey).

Because of her awesomely bad job of parking her car, and her general disregard for being a decent human being, this fight broke out between 3 women and a guy.

***WARNING: Things start out OK, but then the BAD WORDS start flying***

Once again...

***WARNING: BAD WORD ALERT toward the end on the video***


This video was posted on YouTube in December 2016 by Andrew Wallace [Limey pie]

Obviously this whole incident is Blue Car Woman's fault.

Then, Blue Car Woman plays the "Pregnant Card". I will go out on a limb and take a wild guess that she isn't even pregnant. If she is, she certainly isn't removing herself (and her "baby") from harm's way.



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