Wallethub's latest study ranks New Jersey as the least patriotic state, with Pennsylvania and Delaware lingering not too far ahead on the list.

I'm sorry, is anyone else as confused as I am right now? New Jersey? Least patriotic? You mean the area where all I see is pride for our military people, and giant flags on almost every pickup truck around town?

I can't speak for North Jersey, but I know South Jersey definitely displays their patriotism. Case in point the Scary Baby Jeep with a giant AMERICAN FLAG on the back:

Welp, Wallethub's findings say otherwise. In its study, "2017's Most Patriotic States in America," New Jersey is at the very freaking bottom for the second time in a row.

Based off the "benchmarks of patriotism", New Jersey has the least amount when it comes to military service, voting and volunteerism.

Trust me I was just as surprised, but at least it wasn't because of a lack of American pride - right?

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