Okay, so we don't have the most Christmas spirit in America. But, like, 2020.

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The site Finder.com ranked U.S. states by their level of Christmas spirit. Reassuringly, New Jersey isn't the Scroogiest, according to the study. In fact, we're pretty close to being the merriest.

The Garden State came in 12th place, just in front of Pennsylvania, ranked at No. 13.

Coming in at number 1 is Utah. At the very bottom of the list is North Dakota, but can you blame them for being full of nothing but 'Bah! Humbug!'? It's like a frozen tundra out there.

Also, near the bottom is New York and Hawaii. You're telling me a Santa Luau doesn't bring on more Christmas spirit in the Pacific?

Five of the Top 10 cheeriest states at Christmas are in the south: West Virginia, Mississippi, Virginia, South Carolina and Maryland.

Finder.com says the average cost of a donation to a charitable cause during Christmas in Utah is about $12,000, which is one of they ways the site determined the states with the most Christmas spirit.

They also used Google trends to see what people are buying, if they were searching for Christmas songs, and how much the average resident in each state expected to spend during Christmas 2020.

SOURCES: Finder.com

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