A new study has narrowed down the fittest cities in America. Do you live in New Jersey's?

It may surprise you to find out the Garden's State's fittest city is right here in South Jersey! Woohoo!

Insurify Car Insurance used it's own proprietary data (basically taking a super close look at consumer applications), as well as public information, to rate and award the fittest cities in the U.S. with help from the following:

  • Niche’s Outdoor Activities Ranking: Rates each U.S. city on its quality and access to the outdoors, using key indicators of its environment, like air quality, local weather, and access to nature and outdoor recreation.
  • Trust for Public Land’s Parkscore Rankings: Identifies the cities with the highest proportion of residents living within a 10-minute walk to a park.

Insurify also worked to narrow down towns with 'the highest proportion of residents with occupations that demand significant physical activity or promote health and fitness', according to its website.

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Here in New Jersey, it's Vineland in Cumberland County that came up with the highest score.

The study says Vineland is one of the U.S. cities that 'support accessible, fitness-friendly communities' for those who live there, and that 'prioritizes the accessibility and maintenance of its recreational facilities and public parks'.

Congratulations to Vineland! You're a beacon of hope for the rest of the Garden State. Well done!

BTW, in Pennsylvania the fittest city if Philadelphia, and in Delaware it's Seaford.

To see the full Insurify study of the fittest cities in America, click here.

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