Two New Jersey crabbers were killed Tuesday night in a commercial boating accident off the coast Oregon.

The Mary B. II capsized in rough waters of Yaquina Bay, killing all three men aboard, including 48-year-old James Lacey of Toms River and 50-year-old Stephen Biernacki of Barnegat Twp. They were at the end of a three-day outing and were returning to port with their crab haul at the time of the accident, reports Oregon Live.

The Coast Guard was responding to calls from the boat's crew requesting an escort while crossing Newport Bar when it reportedly capsized without warning, according to

The men were fishing for Dungeness crabs, which can be lucrative. However Yaquina Bay is considered so dangerous to cross that it was featured in a spin-off of the Discovery Channel reality series Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove, and has it's own memorial with the names of more than 100 local fisherman who've lost their lives in similar accidents.

When we're dining on delicious Dungeness crabs during the summer, we don't really think about what fisherman face to get them to us. Our thoughts are with the families of all three victims.

SOURCES: 6abc; Oregon Live

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