Legislation to potentially ban smoking at New Jersey's public beaches and parks has taken another step forward.

Perhaps you've heard talk about this about two years ago? The Philly Voice says the bill (S1734) would ban cigarettes from the beach. If you're caught and this is your first offense, you will be issued a $250 fine.

According to Sen. Shirley Turner, the ban ensures that residents can enjoy 'quality family time at the shore' without having to inhale secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke has been known to cause serious health implications. On top of this, by banning smoking the presence of cigarette butts in parks and beaches would be reduced.

The Philly Voice points out that during annual cleanups, cigarettes are one of the things most commonly littered across the beach which is harmful to marine life.



If you happen to be a smoker, The Philly Voice mentions there will be designated smoking areas.

So, what do you think? Is banning smoking on New Jersey beaches necessary?



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