Being the newest member of the SoJO team, I have so much to prove. Not to mention, so much to learn. Hopefully you'll learn something too, more specifically about me.

Let this list be your guide into the magical world of knowing me, JV Joe!

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  • Olga Nayashkova/Thinkstock
    Olga Nayashkova/Thinkstock

    I Am Italian, Thus I Love Food

    I mean first off if you don't love food we can't be friends, just saying that right now. I was brought up believing I have vodka sauce in my veins so let that speak for itself. But aside from the typical Italian food, I absolutely gorge out on everything from burgers to cakes and the occasional drink. You also can't go wrong with a pizza.

    Lesson here: feed me and we will be best of friends.

  • Catherine Yeulet/Thinkstock
    Catherine Yeulet/Thinkstock

    My Family Is My Rock

    I truly believe that to be successful in life you must have a great support group, and that would be my family. And yes, you're probably reading this like "yeah, duh". Sure, Mom and Dad can be a bit overbearing, but that's part of the job right? They are my best friends, along with my 2 younger brothers.

  • Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images
    Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

    If You Can Quote TV Shows or Movies, You're OK In My Book

    Have you ever seen the documentary called Seinfeld? No, it's not a TV show, it actually happened. George Costanza is my biological father!!!! I also just started binge-watching The Office #latetotheparty, and I ABSOLUTELY love it!!! Other TV shows and movies you can jot down are The Walking Dead, Botched, Game of Thrones, and my obsession, Star Wars. Lets nerd out!

  • courtesy JV Joe
    courtesy JV Joe

    I'm A Cat Person

    Sorry dog lovers, keep swiping! Blame my deathly allergy to our canine friends, but I just love my Princess Leia...yes I named her after Carrie Fisher's character in Star Wars, don't hate. There is a lot to love about Leia, literally she's huge. Blame the lack of feeding schedule in my home. But she is cutest, fattest, laziest cat there is!

  • Allen Stoner/Thinkstock
    Allen Stoner/Thinkstock

    I Love New Jersey

    There is literally so much to do, how can you not?! Six Flags, Atlantic City, the lighthouses and farms, and of course the beaches!!! You can always find something to do in the great Garden State, and if you ever need to find something to do you can always head to because we got you covered!

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