It's time to publicly shame the bad parkers of South Jersey! Thanks to a Mike Show Listener Who Wishes To Be Nameless, who nabbed this clueless - and illegal - parker in Mays Landing!

Listener Who Wishes To Be Nameless, you are a soldier in the war against bad parking. Thank you for nabbing this jack-wagon who scoffed at this handicapped parking space!




And YEP, as you can CLEARLY see (if there wasn't a glare on the windshield - trust us) this scofflaw doesn't even have a handicapped parking permit.

Listener Who Wishes To Be Nameless even told us,

"No placard, no handicap tags. Even saw a cop issue a ticket! "


Remember, when you see someone who cannot grasp the concept of keeping it between the lines, like the rest of us in the civilized world, snap a pic and email to

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