Just when you thought the 'red light camera' debate in New Jersey was over, think again....


Let me start out by saying that if you run a red light, you're breaking the law.  You should get a ticket.  The sole purpose of a red light camera, in my opinion, is to catch the impatient drivers who feel that they can drive ahead.  (Morons)


But what if you couldn't turn right on red---if there was a red light camera? A New Jersey legislator wants this law in effect stating, "the restriction is needed to protect the many motorists who slow down, but don’t come to a full stop, when making such turns." (Courier-Post)

That sounds fair enough....until I heard what happened to a friend of mine.

You see, he made a full stop on a red light and intended to turn right.  He stopped for 2.66 seconds.

The red light camera still got him, and he had to pay a ticket.  Apparently, he had to stop for a full 3 seconds.

Despite his efforts to plead his case, he still had to pay for the ticket.

Ridiculous way to gain state revenue? Or, another way to make our roads safer?

You be the judge.




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