Police in Margate have arrested a 38-year old man after several 911 calls reporting that the man had picked up and thrown a woman to the ground.

Margate Police say the calls started at 9:19am Wednesday about the incident on South Granville Avenue. Actually the initial call came in from Deputy Chief Patrick Armstrong of the Margate City Fire Department, who witnessed the assault.

According to police, here's what happened:

According to the victim, and multiple witnesses, the suspect picked up the female by the waist from behind and threw her to the ground where she struck her head in what appeared to be an unprovoked attack on the woman. The suspect then fled the scene.

Police say that Deputy Chief Armstong was able to keep sight of the suspect, and he directly police, who eventually caught up to him on foot on Barclay Avenue. The suspect ran, but was chased down, caught and arrested by officers. He's been identified as Jonathan Harris, 38, from Millville.

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The victim, a 52, from Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania is being treated at Atlantic City Medical Center.

As for Harris, he was "taken to the Margate City Police Department for processing but after requesting medical attention he was also transported to the Atlantic City Medical Center where he was treated and released. He is charged with third degree aggravated assault and fourth degree resisting arrest and will be remanded to the Atlantic County Justice Facility."

The incident remains under investigation.

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