An employee at a New Jersey Burger King became the victim of assault over the weekend when a customer, who was refused service for failing to wear a face mask, returned to the restaurant and tried to choke her.

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The attack is one of a string of incidents taking place across the nation by people who choose to go maskless. Ya know how some store signs say, 'no shirt, no shoes, no service'? Well, 'no mask, no service' is commonplace now at most stores since COVID-19 hit.

After his first visit early Saturday afternoon, where he argued with restaurant staff at the BK on Route 23 South in Wayne, Passaic County over their face mask policy, David Siversten reportedly came back just after 4 p.m. and proceeded to put both his hands around a female employee's neck and choke her.

The worker's fellow employees were able to break up the attack, and Siversten fled, according to The whole assault was reportedly caught on surveillance camera, corroborating the victim's account.

When Wayne Police caught up with Siversten, in a driveway off Newark-Pompton Turnpike, he appeared to be intoxicated, and did not resist arrest.

Not to editorialize too much here, but pretty sure when Burger King says 'have it your way', they don't mean being strangled. Siversten's behavior was beyond obnoxious. A person going to work a fast-food job at minimum wage should not have to deal with people who choose to act like Siversten. It's gotta be hard enough spending hours on the job, near a hot kitchen, wearing a face mask. Can't we just give each other a break? It's not like Siversten would have been in the restaurant for long anyway. So ridiculous.

SOURCES: waynepolicenj/Instagram; via Gloucester Twp. Patch

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