South Jersey Teenager....or Superman?

We're gonna go ahead and say both!


14-year-old Carlos Molina of Pleasantville (which we'll call Smallville today) heard the cries of help from his former music teacher, Betty O'Shea of North Main Street School.


She was trapped under her car!  According to NBC 40, 'the accident occurred when Mrs. O'Shea was attempting to look for her cell phone, which she thought may have dropped on the ground. When she got out of the car to look for it, this is when she says the car rolled back on her leg, trapping her underneath, with no other choice than to call for help.'


Many people heard the cries of help, but kept walking.  It was Carlos Molina that followed the cries of help, dropped his bag, turned off the car, and then the  son of Jor-El proceeded to rolled the car off of his former music teacher.