Wawa is stepping up to be the teacher's pet this back-to-school season!

Now, this is a hall pass if ever I heard one, and a way to get your coffee budget out of detention if you're a schoolteacher or school administrator.

Okay, I'll dispense with the cheesy school puns now, lol, and get to the good stuff.

Wawa is showing their appreciation for the professionals getting back to educating students by offering free coffee the entire month of September, NJ.com reports.

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As part of its “Cheers to the Classrooms” event, teachers and school admins can hit up their friendly neighborhood Wawa store and pick up any size free coffee between now and September 30th without having to dip into their lunch money.

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And it's not just here in New Jersey! Teachers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C. and Virginia can also take advantage of the free java offer.

And for when it's been a 'week' back to schooling the future leaders of America, here's where to find something stronger, lol.

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