This is actually a very sad story....



There was a One Direction concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania last July 5th, and a 47-year-old divorced dad named William Klein from Northfield really wanted to take his 10- and 14-year-old daughters.



Unfortunately, the tickets sold out before he could get them.


Did he try to win tickets from SoJO? Did he try to buy tickets to see the group at another location? Did he try putting together a YouTube video, pleading for tickets so his daughters won't be upset with him?


Instead, he went to a local 7-11, used the payphone, and issued a bomb threat  saying 'If One Direction plays, the stadium will blow up.'



His master plan was that if the concert was canceled, his daughters wouldn't be upset that they couldn't go and wouldn't blame him.  It's all very sad.



By now you know where this story is headed.  Investigators traced the call to the payphone, used the 7-Eleven surveillance footage to figure out who made the call, found out it was William, and arrested him.



The concert ended up going on anyway.


This past Tuesday William was sentenced to eight months in federal prison, and now his daughters are even more upset with him.