Dancers from the Absecon Academy of Performing Arts will travel to London to take part in the 2012 Summer Olympics.  A dozen dancers will cross the Atlantic ocean to give the performance they've been dreaming of for years.








Dancer Taylor Celenza tells NBC 40:

"To be able to go out, go to London to another country to experience other cultures and to able at the Olympics were there's going to be every country around me is absolutely amazing."

Only two performing arts academies from the New Jersey will appear at the Summer Olympics, which begin on July 27.  It's taken the troop years of training and fundraising to get the opportunity to dance while the world is watching.

"To say you get to go London to dance it doesn't matter having to practice 12 hours a week said Emily Lewis, dancer, tells NBC 40. “It's going to be all worth it once we get there."

Absecon Academy of Performing Arts co-director Jennifer Graham says:

"We have such a wonderful opportunity; these girls have been dancing here 10 plus years most of them and a lot of them are graduating.  So they are extending their dancing careers."

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