The only time when the phrase "I need to go to jail" was ever appropriate. Am I right?

Now I don't know about you but Monopoly is one of my favorite board games to play. That, and Risk, made my childhood. I just wish everyone else had the same views as me about the game. Maybe it's because Monopoly is the destroyer of family relationships (You will never get over going broke on North Carolina Ave. because your brother wouldn't give you a loan to pay rent to your mom).

So today just happens to be 'National Play Monopoly Day,' and I figured this would be the perfect excuse to bring up facts about my favorite board game. I bet you didn't know these little tidbits about everyone's favorite board game.

Union Station Hosts Monopoly Tournament
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  • North Carolina Ave./Google Maps
    North Carolina Ave./Google Maps

    Atlantic City was Not The Original Themed Location

    It was actually London, but later changed to Atlantic City.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Monopoly is Banned in 1 Country

    Can you guess?




    If you said Cuba you are right. Fidel Castro banned it back in 1959. I wonder why...

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    The Monopoly Man's Original Name

    is Rich Uncle Pennybags!


    And the man in jail's name is Jake the Jailbird!


    ANNNND the officer who put him in the slammer is Edgar Mallory!

  • 4

    The Number 70 the amount of days the longest Monopoly game was ever played.

    Can. You. Imagine?

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    Getty Images

    The Token's Place of Origin

    All the pieces, the battleship, top hat, Scottie dog, racecar, thimble, boot, cat, and wheelbarrow, were ideas that came from Charles Darrow's (the man who created Monopoly) nieces' charm bracelets.

    The cat replaced the Iron back in 2013.

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