Who doesn't enjoy a good game of Monopoly now and then?

For generations, families have played the board game, which is based on the streets of Atlantic City. For many around the world, this is the only exposure to Atlantic City that they will ever have.

On the social media site, Reddit, someone has posted a map of Atlantic City, color-coded with the monopoly streets. Check it out:

I've always been a fan of Monopoly. from r/atlanticcity

Here are some facts about Monopoly you may not be aware of:

  • Marvin Gardens is actually misspelled on the game. According to Wikipedia, "The misspelling was said to have been introduced by Charles Todd and passed on when his home-made Monopoly board was copied by Charles Darrow and thence Parker Brothers. It was not until 1995 that Parker Brothers acknowledged this mistake and formally apologized to the residents of Marven Gardens for the misspelling, although the spelling error was not corrected." In addition, Marven Gardens is technically in Margate, not Atlantic City.
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  • Illinois Avenue is no longer Illinois Avenue. In the 1980s, the street was renamed Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard.
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  • St. Charles Place is now closed, as the Showboat Hotel now stands where the street existed.
  • Also, from Wikipedia:

The "Short Line" is believed to refer to the Shore Fast Line, a streetcar line that served Atlantic City. The B&O Railroad did not serve Atlantic City. A booklet included with the reprinted 1935 edition states that the four railroads that served Atlantic City in the mid-1930s were the Jersey Central, the Seashore Lines, the Reading Railroad, and the Pennsylvania Railroad.

The actual "Electric Company" and "Water Works" serving the city are the Atlantic City Electric Company and the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority, respectively.


Source: Wikipedia

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