Atlantic City Mayor Defeats Elephant at Monopoly
I guess this elephant did not pass GO or collect $200 enough to call herself Monopoly champion.  Duchess the Elephant from Ringling Bros. Circus did her best, but Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian bested the beast in a friendly round of the game today in Boardwalk Hall section of the city.
Monopoly To Get New Lineup Of Tokens
The classic Monopoly game is set for its most significant change in decades after fans voted to add a new token to replace the shoe, wheelbarrow or iron after they received the least support in an online contest.
Monopoly Pass Go Contest at Bally’s [PHOTOS]
11.17.11 SoJO qualified listeners on air all week to play on a life size Monopoly board at the Dennis Courtyard at Bally's Casino in Atlantic City to win $$$!  Rita from Cleveland, who was on her honeymoon was the big winner taking home $1,080...