Everybody tells a lie every now and again, but do the fine folks of New Jersey utter the untruths at a pace unmatched by the people of any other state? Are we the the most dishonest state in the country? We did a little research to find out, and you might not believe what we found.

Photo by OSPAN ALI on Unsplash
Photo by OSPAN ALI on Unsplash

Let's start with this amazing lying tidbit from BestLife. The average person will tell at least one lie in any given 10-minute conversation. That means if you're talking for an hour, you're probably going to deliver a half dozen lies.

And that's just the average. So how about a little closer to home. Are we prolific liars in the Garden State? Well, BestLife used the following categories to rank each state for its lying prowess...

Identity theft stats

Cybercrime stats

Fraud Stats

Integrity policies

After crunching all those numbers, it turns out that the Garden State is home to lots of liars, but there is some good news. We do not crack the top 10, and that's the truth!

I'm not sure if this is something we should put on the tourist website. but the Garden State has managed to avoid being a top 10 lying stat. Yay for us. But there is some bad news. We came pretty close to the Top 10.

New Jersey is #13 when it comes to lying. We're basically in the top quarter of the country for lying. Here are the Garden State's specific stats

(Per 100,000 people)...

Identity theft reports ...638

Cybercrime reports...205

Fraud Reports...102

Where else but New Jersey can our chest swell just because we are not the worst. And in this instance, we are not even in the top 10 worst. Good for us. Keep that bar low, and we'll never be disappointed.

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