In case you haven’t seen the clip from NBC Sports or the meme on TV or heard the chance at sporting events, “Let’s go Brandon,” is a euphemism for a nasty, vulgar anti-Joe Biden chant. The chant has been popping up everywhere for the last month.

It all started on Oct. 3 when an NBC reporter was interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, who just won a big race. The crowd was chanting "F Joe Biden," using the full word and as she repeated it back to the driver she said, “Do you hear them saying let’s go Brandon?”

No one is quite sure if she was being clever in trying to cover up the vulgar chant or she didn't hear it correctly. The chant has taken on a life of its own in crowds everywhere. There have even been several rap songs titled “Let’s Go Brandon."

So, Steve Simon owner of JB Bakery in Burlington City decided to make a “Let’s go Brandon" cookie. Now they are flying off the shelves.

Aside from doing brisk business, he’s also getting complaints from President Biden supporters.

But this isn’t the first time Simon has made a trendy cookie about politics. He’s been doing it since 2008.

He's had unflattering cookies with President Trump's face on them. He's even made a flattering Dr. Anthony Fauci donut. But that doesn’t stop people from taking major offense.

Whether you’re not a fan of the president or a big fan of freshly baked cookies, they're for sale at JB Bakery on High Street in Burlington. Get them while they’re hot … literally.

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