Allison has been lying to Brad for a long time about a major life event.

For 3 months, Allison lied to Brad about being pregnant, and now, Brad doesn't know what to do about it.

fake pregnant


Their relationship had been on-and-off a few times, with Allison wanting to break up. But, When Brad told her that he wanted to end their relationship of 2 years, Allison told him that she was pregnant.

This (fake) announcement kept the relationship together, but when Allison wasn't showing signs of being pregnant, and their relationship was going better than ever, she told Brad the real story.

She lied about the whole thing, to keep him from breaking up with her.

What should Brad do about this Relation Situation? He's pissed that she lied to him for so long about such a serious thing, but their relationship has never been better.

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