Lauren Jauregui recently sat down with Playboy to discuss her time with Fifth Harmony, and while most subjects bare it all for the publication, the singer bared her soul.

She chatted with the outlet about her 5H beginnings and struggles being in the spotlight at such a young age (she was 16 when the girl group formed). “We tried our best to be ourselves, [but] we were also adolescents, so you have to think about who you were at that age and being thrown in front of cameras,” she explained. “When you’re really disconnected from who you are and you’re ashamed of it, you can write and tell a story, but you can never really tell your story.”

Now, the 21-year-old is all about authenticity. “Right now, I’m just exploring myself and getting in touch with myself creatively,” she said about her blossoming solo career. “To be real, I don’t want to give myself boundaries.” Adding, “It’s definitely different than my work with Fifth Harmony. It’s me.”

Fifth Harmony went on an indefinite hiatus earlier this month, stating a need to grow as individuals as one of the reasons for the break. Read Jauregui's full interview here and check out some shots from the coinciding photo shoot below.



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