The title of this blog post says it all.

This week on 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' we get a glimpse of our favorite roomies acting like the people we all fell in love with many years ago. Pranks, little jabs at each other, haircuts, and D.R.A.M.A., etc.

Now obviously this show was taped a few months back so it's super ironic, yet awkward, to watch knowing Ron's blunders the recent events on social media between Ron and his then-pregnant girlfriend Jen. If I rolled my eyes and harder last night I would have to call an Optometrist.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, let's just pretend this is a quesadilla and dive right into this already.


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    When Did Vinny Become So High-Maintenance?

    Is this what #KetoGuido does to you? My favorite, and funniest moment of the episode was Vinny's haircut dilemma.

    Now I can understand where Vinny is coming from a little bit but he went way over the line of ridiculousness. The boys went to get a haircut in Miami and Vinny was freaking out because it obviously wasn't his regular barber he was going to. So the whole time he is telling the barber his exact specifications like how he wants his fade and to get rid of any long hairs and to trim his beard a certain way. Jenni is a witness to all of this can't believe how nuts Vin is with his hair.

    The best part is at the end of it his hair looks EXACTLY the same and says he hated it! He even went next level and later on in the episode he got ANOTHER haircut at a different place and totally trashed the guy who gave it to him.

    #KetoGuido is a tad much.

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    Ron Is The New, Dumb Villain.

    This dude has no clue the hole he dug himself in. After many attempts to reach his girlfriend to do some damage control she finally picks up and says she has no clue what he is talking about.

    Ron interprets this a whole other way and starts an argument over the phone with her and says things like "We aren't going to talk about what you saw on Instagram?"

    Now, to play both sides, she could be playing dumb with him and saw EVERYTHING he did at the club with French Fry (we'll get to that name later), but as of now I am going to believe that she really didn't see or care about what he did.

    Pauly, Vinny, and Mike were all shocked at how the conversation was going and saw this was going to be messy. And looks like they were right, because months later after the show stopped filming it did.

    Guess we'll find out next week the fallout when Jen comes to Miami and visits Ron and the gang.

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    Insults Galore

    It wouldn't be 'Jersey Shore' if we didn't see any insults get tossed across the room.

    I think we will see the Ronnie/Mike feud pick up again from where it left off in Italy seasons back.

    When the gang needed things for the house Mike volunteered to go out and get the stuff. They all agreed and when Mike asked where the money was to pay for the groceries Ron quipped "I would never give you my money Mike," alluding to his recent trouble with the law that became a sensitive subject for him.

    Later on, in a conversation with the roommates about what was off limits when it came to questions about Ron's GF, Mike jokingly brought up he is going to bring up 'French Fry,' which is the nickname given to the girl Ron was flirting with at the club, then in the hot tub, then behind a closed door. Ron put Mike on notice and told him to watch his step but I honestly think Mike is a changed person and won't actually make a move.

    I never thought I would say this but I like this new Situation.

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