Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill Monday outlawing 'flakka,' a zombie drug that can be found in convenience stores, and has violent side effects.

Remember those stories a few years ago from Florida, about people going crazy off 'bath salts?' Here's a video the Philly Voice posted that helped to freshen my memory: says this drug is similar to bath salts. Legally its called alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone, but on the streets it goes by the names: flakka, flocka or gravel.

The problem with this synthetic drug is that it's available in some smoke shops and convenience stores here in New Jersey, at only $3 to $5 a pop. Flakka has scary side effects on those who use it.

According to, users are prone to a large range of hallucination that can cause them to have psychotic, violent or suicidal episodes.

With this new law, those caught manufacturing, selling, or having the drug could face a fine of 10 years in prison or a 150,000 fine. Hopefully, this law would be enough to deter people from possessing the drug one Florida referred to as the 'five-dollar insanity.'

Read more about this bill on or Philly Voice.



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