Ah, a whole day dedicated to the crunchy, melty goodness of nachos!

Today is National Nachos Day, and we recently asked where you love to get yours in South Jersey!


Nachos are like a ritualistic food in my family. During summer vacations at the shore, my cousin, with the biggest plate she could find, piled the tortilla chips high, and slathered on Cheez Whiz, olives, sour cream, tons of salsa. Then, she'd pop that baby in the broiler until it was a perfectly congealed mess that we couldn't get enough of.

Sometimes, I'll go a whole week making nachos for dinner, lol. Personally, I love the Cheesesteak Nachos from Phily Diner & Sports Bar in Runnemede. They're served on a pizza tray and there's just nothing else like them in my opinion. But when I just want something classic, it's Nachos Bel Grande from Taco Bell.

Here are some of your responses from our post on Facebook and Instagram:

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Got a fave local spot for nachos? Tell us where! #SouthJerseyEats

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