YouTube channel Facts. is known for their "Irish People Try..." videos. The concept is simple, a group of Irish people get together and test out food, watch TV shows, watch YouTube videos, react to weird commercials etc. Last spring they tried different New Jersey foods and of course pork roll, egg, and cheese was one of the foods.

The contributors opened the video attempting the New Jersey accent, which was a bit cringe worthy. They went for that stereotypical accent that is an exaggerated version of a North Jersey accent saying joisey, which I have never heard anyone say that wasn't joking. You could tell going into it they didn't know what foods to expect, I won't lie I didn't either.

First up were disco fries. This was met with some mixed reviews, one saying they would only eat it if they are drunk. He had the right idea, disco fries are the perfect late night snack at a diner after hitting a bar. Their second New Jersey food confused me, it was chicken savoy. Honestly, I had never heard of chicken savoy before the video. Clearly, I need to turn in my Jersey card. It was actually invented in New Jersey. Who knew? Not me.

Up next was an Italian hot dog, which I am now craving. The commentary on the looks of the hot dog was funny and true. One of the contributors said it looked like someone threw up in a slipper. Accurate.

The one food that was met with rave reviews was, of course, the pork roll, egg, and cheese. They did call it Taylor ham, but they're Irish so we will let that slide. One of them said, "I don't know whether to eat it or make love to it." Never a statement so true of the pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich.

Watch what they had to say about New Jersey foods:

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