Whether you call it pork roll or call it by the wrong name of Taylor ham, we can all agree pork roll is a gift that New Jersey has blessed the rest of the world with. It is the official breakfast meat of our state. Okay, so it may not be "official", but it should be.

While we all love a good pork roll, egg and cheese in the morning there are a few things that should never go on the beloved breakfast sandwich. You may say "you do you", but there are some lines no one should ever cross. These 5 things should never go on your pork roll, egg and cheese.

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    Any Other Cheese, But American

    Put down the brie, the gouda, and the blue cheese. Let's face it pork roll isn't a gourmet meat so it doesn't need any fancy cheese. You are not Gordon Ramsay stop trying to pretend you're on Iron Chef.

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    No one is mistaking a pork roll, egg, and cheese as being healthy. Don't try to make it healthy by adding veggies. The only thing you can add that is "healthy" is ketchup and that's from fruit technically.

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    Speaking of Ketchup, No Other Condiments

    I will say the only exception to this rule may possibly be mustard. I know some people put mustard on their sandwich, so there may be some lenience. However, if you want to be traditional keep to the ketchup.

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    Pork roll is perfect the way it is, the flavor is fine on its own. Some people will add some pepper and salt, which we can let slide (maybe). Don't go adding garlic or paprika.

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    Egg Whites

    Yes it is called a pork roll, egg, and cheese, but that doesn't mean the word egg is up for debate. Keep the yoke in that egg when you make your breakfast sandwich. Also, step away from the Egg Beaters.