Say it ain't so! Instagram will be making my private messages public? What if I deleted the messages? Wait, they will still be making those messages accessible as well? What if my page is private? You're saying Instagram can use my photos anyway?


Let's pump the breaks here, none of this is true.

You may have seen your favorite celebrities falling for the oldest "copypasta" in the world the past few days. Instagram has been riddled with posts declaring that the user does not give Instagram permission to use their profile. Usually, you see moms and dads sharing these ridiculous posts. Now, celebrities are the ones being duped.

Don't tell your parents because they will feel validated in sharing these posts the next time they inevitably pop up.

Celebrities like Tom Holland (Tom don't you have enough going on right now?), his MCU friend and supporter Jeremy Renner, Julia Roberts (I didn't know she had Instagram, Dave Bautista, Rob Lowe, and a long list of others all posted the same text-based post. Allegedly Debra Messing posted it, deleted it, reposted it, then deleted it again.

Even Beyonce's mom fell for it.


First, let's get things straight here. The whole thing is a hoax. Instagram is not going to start using your photos. Plus, which Channel 13 news are they referring to? Please don't start calling them.

Legally, posting something like that holds ZERO legitimacy in court. Sorry to break it to you that way.

These posts are also interesting for the fact that it appears "Instagram" was added in later, not when the original post was made.

One of my favorite posts comes from Rob Lowe, who's son calls him out and tells him to talk to his other son. As of now, Rob Lowe has yet to remove the post and has posted since then...

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Some celebrities weren't as easily fooled and turned it into a joke like Trevor Noah.

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Phew, Trevor Noah killed the Instagram demon!

Niall Horan seemed to understand it was a joke, however clearly Tom Holland missed the joke because he reposted Niall's post. It's okay Tom has a lot going on with the possibility of Peter Parker pretending like Tony Stark never existed.

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If you see a post like this on any social media platform, move along with your day it's just a hoax.